Partnership Announcement – Mancala Gaming

We are happy to announce our partnership with Mancala Gaming.

CasinosAndGames is proud to become the new Media Partner for Mancala Gaming and hosting their entire gaming catalog as free play on our website.

About Mancala!

Mancala gaming is an online slot game provider that offers an inclusive portfolio of 30 traditional slot games and 21 dice slot games. The company was founded in 2019 and united a number of industry professionals who share the same vision and believe in creating a fresh and successful igaming product.

“Let’s forget about boundaries and limitations, and let’s create something truly unique” those words resonate with everything we do and create. We have unleashed our imagination and our newly established in-house game studio is already working on new and daring concepts.

Mancala gaming doesn’t only stand for ambitious visions and creative new slot games. The company and its representatives are also associated with excellent service and fair business practices. We value our clients and we believe that balanced and cooperative partnerships can help to grow not only the business but also the whole industry.

Let’s dive into the world of Mancala gaming with our reliable software, both traditional and innovative bonusing tools, and exciting games and let’s move the igaming business to new dimensions.

What we offer:

  • Great service: We aim to provide a first class service to all our clients. Doesn’t matter what you need – we are here!
  • Fair business: We believe in fair business practices and building a mutually beneficial partnership with our clients.
  • Bonusing tools: Our dedicated teams develop innovative bonusing systems and tools for even better results of games.
  • Reliable software: Our software is thoroughly tested and certified and we are in certification process for MGA and UKGC.
  • Juicy themes: We offer various themes for everyone and we believe that the future is in innovative, interactive and cool slots.

Redefine the world of igaming

  • Mancala gaming was created as a daring project of our inspiring CEO. He had the vision to create fair and friendly company where people would enjoy working.
  • Creativity and innovative ideas flourish in such an open and inspiring environment and freedom helps the company and its employees to grow faster.
  • We dedicate a great amount of time to the hiring process because we aim tosearch for talented professionals that are not only great in their field but also nice people to work with.
  • We have recently established an in-house game studio where the wildest ideas and the coolest innovations for slot games are coming to life.
  • From the initial idea, through the artist’s work, to mathematics and development… all of that powered by love and passion for games. That’s how our new slots come to life.
  • Our business partners are treated fairly and with respect and we offer innovative bonusing tools to help them get the most out of our games and make their life easier.